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Heeeeey there, people out there. Had an awesome long weekend? So thankful for holiday! It's also school holiday for all the kids out there. Enjoy one week of the awesome holiday, yea! Drop by William Goh Kennel if your folks are gonna get you puppy, okay :P

Here to give a quick update on our puppies for those who are wondering.

Recently, we welcome a few litter of puppies. Some are available to view, some are not because they are still too tiny.

1. Arrival of Cavapoo puppies just a few days ago. Not available to view cos they are too tiny and still being fed by their mummy.

2. Arrival of Japanese spitz puppies, they are about six weeks old now. All female.

Both of them are our most recent puppies! Well, if you want to view other puppies, please enquire with us as well. We are glad to be of assistance to help you find your beloved puppies!

Just drop by a message at 8666 9098 or 8190 8866, we are always here for you.

Ending this post with a GIF which I found online. (:

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