Updates as of 14.10.17


Just would like to share an update about our current available puppies. 

Cute little puppies available: 

Japanese Spitz (DOB: 25.07.17, Female)

Cavapoo (New litters are available and they are in various special colors)

Dachshund (Young and viewing opening next week, message us for priority) 

Corgis (Age ranging from going home with you to really younger ones. Ready for viewing & reservation)

Been welcoming many many new born puppies. Night after night, it’s just so magical seeing baby puppies being born despite burning so many nights together.

We are always so proud to see each baby being born. Mama dog & Baby puppies are all safe! That’s what how happy we are! 😀

We hope to see all of you soon!

Remember to call us at 8666 9098 or email us or just message us. 

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